BrandPost: 3 Ways 802.11ax Makes Wi-Fi Better

BrandPost: 3 Ways 802.11ax Makes Wi-Fi Better

Introduced in 1997, the IEEE 802.11 standard, more commonly known as Wi-Fi, has continually evolved to address the need of increased speeds in enterprise Wi-Fi networks. Of late, however, data rate and throughput have become table stakes in any high-density WLAN deployment.

That’s because there has been an explosion in the number of client devices per household. Offices and public spaces like malls, stadiums, and concert venues also boast of highly dense client environments. The demand has shifted from “high speed Wi-Fi” to “fast and efficient Wi-Fi in extremely dense environments.”

Enter 11ax. With the introduction of 802.11ax (also known as Wi-Fi 6), the wireless industry is now delivering bandwidth and efficiency several times that of the legacy 802.11b.

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