BrandPost: Branch Office SD-WAN Availability: Last-Mile Considerations

BrandPost: Branch Office SD-WAN Availability: Last-Mile Considerations

MPLS is showing its age in the era of digital transformation. SD-WAN’s agility, low cost, and direct branch office cloud access increasingly make more sense for global, cloud-enabled organizations. The big question for many IT leaders is: Can  SD-WANs and their Internet last-mile connections match MPLS’s availability to serve as an MPLS alternative?

The short answer? Yes.  Here’s why.

MPLS’s Last-Mile Availability Problem

MPLS has long been known for its uptime. As managed services that’s no surprise; the telcos do a very good job keeping an eye on the core of their networks. But what’s often a surprise to outsiders is the problem MPLS services have with the last mile. The high cost of MPLS services makes it impractical to equip branch offices with redundant last-mile MPLS connections, and without redundancy delivering on uptime is challenging. And even with Internet backup, failover is often manual or slow enough to disrupt the user experience.

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