BrandPost: Can SD-WAN Help Overcome IT Skill Shortages?

BrandPost: Can SD-WAN Help Overcome IT Skill Shortages?

The primary driver cited is an aging worker pool and the overwhelming male makeup of this sector.

Other factors contributing to skill shortages include a lack of:

  1. Hybrid IT skills
  2. New skills like managing SLAs for off-premise workloads
  3. Software skills with adoption of software-defined technologies
  4. Fewer young men and women entering the field

How is this affecting branch office networks?

The data center IT skill set shortage is spilling over from the data center to the management and administration of branch office infrastructure. The two go hand in hand as most skills are leveraged across both areas; branch office networks are merely a “miniature architecture” of the data center network. Branch office networks typically include switches, routers, WAN optimization appliances, firewalls, and other networking gear that all require similar IT knowledge and skills as the data center.

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