BrandPost: Delivering “Always-On” Technology to Meet the Demands of Today’s Business

BrandPost: Delivering “Always-On” Technology to Meet the Demands of Today’s Business

Virtually every small and medium-sized business is now driven by digital technologies. From our phones and PCs to the critical business applications that form the basis of business operations, our workday has become dependent on devices and the systems they are connected to. In addition to supporting employees, our customers and partners are constantly interacting with our systems. 

Outages are unacceptable. If our systems go down, business stops. This impacts employees, partners, and customers. And it’s not just an inconvenience; it costs the business money.

Unfortunately, many businesses with 100-1,000 employees are using legacy server rooms or data centers that were built in the days before “always-on” became the requirement. A decade ago, downtime was hidden from customers and partners, and employees could work around a problem, staying somewhat productive. That’s no longer the case. Downtime is a disaster. And in many cases, downtime can result in lost data and corrupt systems, making the cost of recovery even greater. In some industries, data lost during an outage also creates a “compliance event,” which is never “career enhancing” for an IT professional.

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