BrandPost: HPE Synergy For Dummies

BrandPost: HPE Synergy For Dummies

Business must move fast today to keep up with competitive forces. That means IT must provide an agile — anytime, anywhere, any workload — infrastructure that ensures growth, boosts productivity, enhances innovation, improves the customer experience, and reduces risk.

A composable infrastructure helps organizations achieve these important objectives that are difficult — if not impossible — to achieve via traditional means, such as the ability to do the following:

  • Deploy quickly with simple flexing, scaling, and updating
  • Run workloads anywhere — on physical servers, on virtual servers, or in containers
  • Operate any workload upon which the business depends, without worrying about infrastructure resources or compatibility
  • Ensure the infrastructure is able to provide the right service levels so the business can stay in business

In other words, IT must inherently become part of the fabric of products and services that are rapidly innovated at every company, with an anytime, anywhere, any workload infrastructure.

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