BrandPost: Introducing the Adaptive Network Vision

BrandPost: Introducing the Adaptive Network Vision

Why now?

The networking industry is being disrupted.

There is an explosion in network demand, driven by ultramobile users who want the ability to access the cloud and consume high-definition content, video, and applications when and where they choose. This disruption of the network will only be exacerbated by the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, the use of which involves billions of devices interacting with machines, users, and clouds to drive consumer and business interactions.

For instance, what happens when users want to engage in a 4K-based virtual reality session hosted in the cloud, while traveling at high speed in their driverless cars? What happens when the physical devices currently used to support networking functions become virtual—and so do the user end-points? Network providers are now realizing the level of complexity and variability this type of demand will introduce, and that their current networks are not up to the challenge.

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