BrandPost: IT-as-a-Service Simplifies Hybrid IT

BrandPost: IT-as-a-Service Simplifies Hybrid IT

The data center must rapidly change. Companies are increasingly moving toward hybrid IT models, with some workloads in the cloud and others staying on premises. The burden of ever-growing apps and data is placing pressure on infrastructure in both worlds, but especially the data center.

Organizations are struggling to reach the required speed and flexibility — with the same public-cloud economics — from their on-premises data centers. That’s likely because they’re dealing with legacy systems acquired over the years, possibly inherited as the result of mergers and acquisitions.

These complex environments create headaches when trying to accommodate for IT capacity fluctuations. When extra storage is needed, for example, 67% of IT departments buy too much, according to Futurum Research. They don’t have the visibility into resources, nor the ability to effectively scale up and down.

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