BrandPost: Network Fabrics: 5 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

BrandPost: Network Fabrics: 5 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

What’s old is new again. This statement rings true as the industry rallies behind fabric networking again. Fabrics are not a new technology; they’ve been around since 2011/2012. However, we’ve seen increased uptake for fabrics outside of the traditional data center and into the enterprise campus. As the use cases and the technology continue to evolve, this blog clarifies some common misconceptions you may have about fabric technology.

1. They are only for the data center

Not anymore. Going back 5-6 years, network fabrics were originally designed to solve how to stretch L2 VLANs across subnets for VM migrations and mobility. We now see far more use cases for network fabrics that extend to the enterprise campus portion of the network. Examples include network automation, zero-touch provisioning, simplified network segmentation, and even high-performance multicast without the use of any complex PIM protocols.

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