BrandPost: Swisscom and Huawei Sign MoU on NetCity Project

BrandPost: Swisscom and Huawei Sign MoU on NetCity Project

At MWC 2018, Swisscom and Huawei announced they has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)  on NetCity project, intended to build a world-class, highly reliable, next-generation wireline network infrastructure that can provide customers in Switzerland with innovative products and services.

NetCity, a project developed by Huawei and leading carriers for building the cities of the future, is intended to bring humanity a step closer to achieving a fully-connected, intelligent world by means of constructing a broadband, cloud-based and intelligent network architecture.

The MoU marks an important step toward building a leading position for the two companies in technology, business and social responsibility. Working hand in hand on this project, Swisscom and Huawei will explore new concepts in wireline network deployment, developing innovative solutions that enable “zero-touch operations” for telecom and data center networks and accelerating the application of cloud computing, telemetry, AI, and Big Data on networks.

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