BrandPost: The Practical Road to Intelligent Automation

BrandPost: The Practical Road to Intelligent Automation

frank o. millerFrank O. Miller, Chief Technology Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ciena

Big bang OSS transformation projects are slow, expensive, and disruptive. Why not consider taking a ‘brick-by-brick’ approach that delivers value faster and sets you up for future success? asks Frank Miller, CTO, Ciena EMEA.

When I’m talking with service providers, network automation is always high on their agenda. As well as dramatically reducing operational costs by automating manual processes, it can help you access bandwidth on demand, and provision new customer services in a fraction of the time it previously took. There are also major benefits in terms of discovering your network resources dynamically. An accurate view of available infrastructure enables you to more holistically plan and implement strategic initiatives that keep you ahead of the traffic demand curve.

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