Cavium launches ThunderX2 ARM-based server processors

Cavium launches ThunderX2 ARM-based server processors

Cavium this week announced general availability of ThunderX2, its second-generation 64-bit, ARM-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) line of server processors. And it’s coming with some big-name endorsements.

The first generation, ThunderX, had a more muted launch two years ago. No one wanted to get on Intel’s bad side, it seemed, and Intel was viewing ARM, not AMD, as its biggest threat. Fast forward two years, and Cavium has endorsements from HPE, Cray, and Atos, as well as HPC users such as Sandia National Labs and the U.K.’s GW4 Isambard project.

Cavium announced ThunderX2 almost two years ago. It’s not an upgrade to ThunderX; it’s a whole new chip. It acquired a line of ARM server processors code-named Vulcan from Broadcom after the company was acquired by Avago and decided to shed its data center effort.

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