Cisco adds speed, smarts to MDS storage networking family

Cisco adds speed, smarts to MDS storage networking family

Looking to support ever-increasing workloads, Cisco has pumped up the speed and intelligence of its storage area networking family.

The company addressed the need for increased speed by saying it would add support for 64Gbps Fibre Channel line cards across its 9700 line of MDS storage directors. The MDS family includes the 18-slot 9718, the 10-slot 9710 and the six-slot 9706.

The main idea here is that customers can add the line card to the box and upgrade their software to add speed and capacity for high-speed fabrics without having to rip-and-replace any of the directors, according to Adarsh Viswanathan, Cisco product manager, data center switching. A 64Gbps line card for all three chassis will be available in the future, Cisco said.

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