Cryptocurrency miners exploit Docker flaw

Cryptocurrency miners exploit Docker flaw

According to Imperva research, a container flaw reported last month (CVE-2019-5736) in Docker’s remote API has already been taken advantage of by hundreds of attackers.

Imperva claims that they were able to locate 3,822 Docker hosts with the remote API (port 2735) publicly exposed. Of these, approximately 400 were accessible, and most of these were running a cryptocurrency miner for a lesser-known form of cryptocurrency called Monero.

Monero (ticker symbol XMR) is an open-source cryptocurrency that was created in April 2014. It focuses on fungibility (individual units are essentially interchangeable), privacy, and decentralization. It also takes advantage of an obfuscated public ledger. That means anyone can broadcast or send transactions, but outside observers cannot tell the source, amount, or destination of the funds.

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