Cyxtera offers on-demand data center provisioning software

Cyxtera offers on-demand data center provisioning software

Cyxtera Technologies has launched the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform, a software platform for data centers that offers customers rapid on-demand provisioning to a host of colocation and connectivity services.

Through a combination of a network and services provisioning engine and an intra-data center software-defined network fabric, the CXD platform allows colocation customers to provision services on demand or via a web console.

CXD brings cloud-like experience to colocation

CXD comes with two key features: the Unified Services Port and Network Exchange. The Unified Services Port enables access to multiple data center services over a single physical port, while the Network Exchange provides automated provisioning to select network service providers. The caveat is they must also be running CXD.

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