Extreme targets cloud services, SD-WAN, WiFi 6 with $210M Aerohive grab

Extreme targets cloud services, SD-WAN, WiFi 6 with $210M Aerohive grab

Extreme Networks opened the checkbook again this week to the tune of $210 million for wireless-networking vendor Aerohive.

The move will bring to Extreme Aerohive’s wireless-networking technology – including its new WiFi 6 gear, SD-WAN software and cloud-management services. 

Gartner wrote, “Aerohive’s wireless-focused access-network portfolio comprises stand-alone and stackable campus switches, access points and branch-office routers, with a cloud-managed distributed control architecture. Organizations typically employ Aerohive’s HiveManager network management platform [which manages Wi-Fi, Switching, SD-WAN, and NAC] as a public or private cloud, although it also may be deployed on-premises. To manage a multivendor unified access network, the enterprise can use HiveManager to configure, provision and monitor Aerohive APs in conjunction with switches from Aerohive or with N-Series switches from OEM partner Dell EMC.” The company also has a relationship with Juniper to managed wired devices.

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