How HPE Greenlake Flex Capacity Enables Pay-Per-Use IT

How HPE Greenlake Flex Capacity Enables Pay-Per-Use IT

HPE GreenLake takes IT consumption in a new direction. It offers a catalog of pre-designed, end-to-end solutions, such as Big Data, Backup, and Database with EDB Postgres, that simplify the IT experience by delivering a cloud-like consumption model managed for your on-premises environment.

Outcome-based IT consumption delivers a range of benefits that you can’t get from solutions solely built from scratch or bought from the public cloud. Delivering the best of both worlds, HPE GreenLake enables:

  • Faster time to value with solutions that are ready quickly and evolve ahead of your needs
  • Better economics with a flexible, pay-per-use model that offers simplicity and financial clarity
  • On-premises for proper control over compliance, performance, and security
  • Simplified IT that’s operated for you to free up resources and add business value

Because pre-designed workload solutions do not fit every business, HPE also offers fully customizable infrastructure modules that deliver greater technology choice depending on IT preferences. With HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, you design your own infrastructure solutions, selecting from a broad range of HPE and partner technologies, as well as optional services that span your infrastructure to your apps and workloads.

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