How Linux can help with your spelling

How Linux can help with your spelling

Linux provides all sorts of tools for data analysis and automation, but it also helps with an issue that we all struggle with from time to time – spelling! Whether you’re grappling with the spelling of a single word while you’re writing your weekly report or you want a set of computerized “eyes” to find your typos before you submit a business proposal, maybe it’s time to check out how it can help.


One tool is look. If you know how a word begins, you can ask the look command for provide a list of words that start with those letters. Unless an alternate word source is provided, look uses /usr/share/dict/words to identify the words for you. This file with its hundreds of thousands of words will suffice for most of the English words that we routinely use, but it might not have some of the more obscure words that some of us in the computing field tend to use — such as zettabyte.

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