How we chose 10 hot storage startups to watch

How we chose 10 hot storage startups to watch

The hardest thing about compiling a startup roundup isn’t choosing 10 hot startups. Rather, it’s eliminating the many promising startups that could easily end up being more successful than any one of my top picks.

It’s a challenge that comes with the territory. After all, the success or failure of any given startup will be due to many factors, plenty of which are impossible to measure. However, in our data-driven era, I’ve been experimenting with ways to improve my hit rate.

As a journalist, I’ve been writing about startups since the height of dotcom bubble, easily covering hundreds, if not thousands, of startups along the way. As a writer, content marketer, and strategist, I’ve worked in, consulted with, and devised go-to-market strategies for dozens and dozens more.

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