HPE promises 100% reliability with its new storage system

HPE promises 100% reliability with its new storage system

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has multiple enterprise-class storage choices, offering products under the Nimble, 3PAR, and ProLiant brands, plus the enterprise storage software of InfoSight, developed by Nimble. You can add Primera to that list, a new high-end storage array that’s billed as a self-managing platform that uses AI techniques to deliver 100% reliability guaranteed.

The Primera offering borrows some technology from the company’s existing products, including the InfoSight AI capabilities developed by Nimble and the underlying distributed storage architecture of 3PAR.

Primera was announced last week at HPE’s Discover event in Las Vegas. Phil Davis, chief sales officer for HPE, said in the announcement keynote, “If you think about traditional storage, it’s full of compromises and complexity. Do I want fast or reliable? Do I want agility or simplicity? But not any more. We’re going to combine the simplicity of Nimble with the intelligence of Infosight and mission-critical heritage of 3Par and we’ve created a new class of storage that eliminates the traditional compromises and truly redefines what is possible with storage.”

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