Ideas this bad could kill the Internet of Things

Ideas this bad could kill the Internet of Things

What’s the silliest, dumbest, most ridiculous Internet of Things (IoT) application you can think of? Smart toothbrushes? Internet-connected toilets? Digital notepads in the shower?

Well, forget all that. Heck, you can even forget the “smart” Air Dresser wardrobe that Samsung announced earlier this month. (If you’re wondering, this digital closet is said to automatically “air” — whatever that means — steam, dry, and purify clothes so they don’t, you know, stink.)

IBM has just patented an IoT device concept so incredibly inane that it makes all those earlier attempts to trivialize the IoT seem like cures for cancer. What could possibly be so ill-conceived as to make a smart hairbrush look, well, smart?

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