Is the cloud already killing the enterprise data center?

Is the cloud already killing the enterprise data center?

“Friends don’t let friends build data centers.”

That slogan wasn’t even printed on a real T-shirt you could buy. It was just one of the choices in an online poll to choose what Amazon Web Services CTO Werner Vogels should wear. But it pretty much captured the mood at the AWS Summit San Francisco last week, where Vogels gave the opening keynote to some 9,000 cloud-loving attendees.

werner vogels tweet

On stage, Vogels crowed about multiple enterprises abandoning large numbers of data centers in order to move their workloads to the cloud. He cited Cox Automotive—the company behind Autotrader,, Kelley Blue Book, and many more car-shopping brands—“going all in on AWS” and closing more than 40 data centers. He noted that U.K. news provider News International is shutting down 60 data centers, and GE is closing approximately 30 data centers. And Vogels mentioned that the U.K.’s Ministry of Justice was moving to AWS, as well, though he didn’t say whether it was closing any data centers in the process.

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