Gigaset L410

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The Gigaset L410 Hands-free clip is perfect for those who work from home, allowing the ability to keep on top of important communications while also being free to move around the house.

The L410 is a wearable speakerphone which offers perfect sound quality and can be used to both answer calls directly or have calls sent to it from a DECT–GAP handset. The hands-free clip also has a number of environmentally friendly features that save energy and reduce radiation.

  • Clip on and move with more flexibility
  • Hands-free with perfect audio quality
  • One-click call transfer from handset or take calls directly
  • ECO DECT features
  • Lightweight (~30g) and conveniently clips on
  • Use two hands-free clips to talk simultaneously
  • Intuitive volume controls
  • LED status signals
  • Compatible with Gigaset and other DECT–GAP phones
  • Range of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors