Semiconductor startup Cerebras Systems launches massive AI chip

Semiconductor startup Cerebras Systems launches massive AI chip

There are a host of different AI-related solutions for the data center, ranging from add-in cards to dedicated servers, like the Nvidia DGX-2. But a startup called Cerebras Systems has its own server offering that relies on a single massive processor rather than a slew of small ones working in parallel.

Cerebras has taken the wraps off its Wafer Scale Engine (WSE), an AI chip that measures 8.46×8.46 inches, making it almost the size of an iPad and more than 50 times larger than a CPU or GPU. A typical CPU or GPU is about the size of a postage stamp.

Cerebras won’t sell the chips to ODMs due to the challenges of building and cooling such a massive chip. Instead, it will come as part of a complete server to be installed in data centers, which it says will start shipping in October.

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