Startup Concertio offers AI-optimized server configuration

Startup Concertio offers AI-optimized server configuration

For about as long as there has been personal computers, there has been an aftermarket of system optimization software. Even MS-DOS, which was about as basic as an operating system gets, had QEMM to get the most out of your 640K of memory. These days, there is a healthy market of Windows optimization utilities to speed up your PC.

For servers, though, it gets a little more complicated. Actually, it gets very complicated. Not only does each server have to operate at peak efficiency on its own, but it then has to interact with the network, with other servers, and potentially with a public cloud service provider.

And usage models change over time. There might be peak use times when certain processes are not run, such as backups, and slow times of day when other tasks can be run. So an optimal configuration at one point in the day is not optimal at a different time of the day.

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