Supreme’s burner phone is a hypebeast’s dream

Supreme’s burner phone is a hypebeast’s dream

The phone sold out in seconds on Supreme’s site, and even though I had an early morning slot to get into the store, the red model was already gone. So I bought the black one you see here.


Before we go any further, I know you’re probably wondering who asked for this? And the answer is simple: no one. But that doesn’t matter to Supreme. After all, the popular streetwear brand has made a literal brick, which features its iconic box logo and can now be found on the resale market for upwards of $150. With a dumb phone, you could at least make the argument that it has a practical use.

As you might expect, though, the Supreme Blu burner phone isn’t here to battle the iPhone 11 or Pixel 4. The candybar-style phone features a 2.4-inch display, a VGA rear camera (no selfie cam, sorry), sluggish 3G connectivity and support for up to 32GB of storage. (Supreme was nice enough to toss in a 16GB card.)

You’ll also find dual SIM slots on the handset, but unfortunately we couldn’t make any phone calls because, well, it’s hard to find a working full-size SIM these days. If you do find some of those old-school SIMs, the phone is unlocked, so it can work with a couple different carriers simultaneously. Considering a “burner phone” is generally associated with conducting shady business (sometimes they’re also called “trap phones”), you can see how having access to dual SIMs can come in handy. That said, the only business hypebeasts who get this phone will probably be conducting is taking a pictures with it and posting them on Instagram.

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