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Telephone numbers are no longer fixed to physical lines and the flexibility of VoIP allows us to offer you a wide range of telephone numbers.

Safevoip offers UK wide geographic (01, 02) and non-geographic (03, 08) telephone numbers, virtual mobile (07) along with phone numbers from over 37 countries and thousands of cities internationally.

Converting numbers to VoIP is easy and Safevoip is able to port telephone numbers from most networks into the cloud.

Due to the flexibility that comes with VoIP this allows you to create quality opportunities, generate new business or tactically target the customers you want.

International telephone numbers give you an instant flexible global presence.


Utilising different contact numbers is also an effective way to measure your different marketing strategies to ensure that you are gaining the maximum return on investment.

A good scenario of this is putting a VoIP number on your website to see how many people call you from your website.

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